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Part of a rare archive of 700,000 photographs
areas of mainland and islands of Greece

“Flying in Greece” is an aerial photo album, part of a rare archive of 700,000 photographs of the late Chrysostomos Fountis and includes 62 areas of mainland and islands of Greece.

The edition is bilingual (Greek – English), its format is 24x30cm, 272 pages with hard cover and was completed with the help, support and assistance of very important stakeholders, who trusted us and envisioned us.


Messages about the coffee table book:

His eminence Archbishop of
Athens and all Greece Ieronymos B’

It is with pleasure that I am writing the introduction for the album “Flying in Greece” that has been prepared by the “Geordaminli Publishing Company” and published on behalf of the “Boubouras Institution”.

The title of the album is eloquently reflecting its splendid content.
Indeed, the reader will experience a sensory and spiritual sweetness by looking at Greece from above through the beautiful photographs”

Metropolitan Nikolaos of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki

All of Greece is like a sacred temple, a magnificent museum, a welcoming home, a suggestive scenery. At this place, the senses quiet down, the spirit becomes alive, the heart feels and the soul contemplates, envisions. In Greece, you can experience heaven.

This album, however, does not show Greece’s sky, but presents Greece from its sky. It encompasses all of Greece: its mountains and mountain tops; the little islands and the seashores, the ancient monuments and the modern constructions, the natural wealth and its civilization, the magnificent view and its hidden spirit. The photos, carefully chosen from a rare collection of 700,000 photographs taken by Chrysostomos Fountis, depict what makes every genuine Greek proud and happy.

Secretary General of the Hellenic Tourism Organization (GNTO) Mr. Konstantinos Tsegas

The late Chrisostomos Fountis continues to promote Greece through his stunning photographs from the album “Flying in Greece”.

Fountis’ perspective considering the locations, the light and the colours resulted in an immense collection of 700.000 photographs. Little pieces of art that will hopefully be published soon and will offer us the chance to travel along with his photos to heavenly destinations in Greece. This wonderful edition invites us on a journey in time and history. We shall all discover Greece from above with a wider look through the photographer’s eyes and experience. Relax and enjoy this flight to the fullest.