A few words about us

Geordamili Publications

A few words about us

Geordamili Publications was founded to promote and recognize the work of the late Chrysostomos Fountis, who was the only moto glider aerial photographer registered in the professional chamber of Greece and a member of UNESCO as an artistic aerial photographer.

After the tragic accident of Chrysostomos Fountis, in August 2013, a significant effort has been made to utilize this unique project, which consists of 700,000 aerial photographs from Greece and Cyprus and constitutes a great cultural and tourist heritage.

His vision was to spread the beauties of Greece throughout the world.

The work of Chrysostomos Fountis was honored by the Unesco group and the Ministry of Culture of Greece. Up to the present, 5 events have been held in his honor in Greece. His work also participated in an Unesco event at the Greek Consulate in Bologna, while in February 2015 the Ministry of Tourism of Cyprus in collaboration with the Cypriot Embassy in Athens honored his work for his contribution to Cyprus.

The events that have taken place are the following:

  • “In Flight’’, Chrysostomos Fountis” – Piraeus Gallery, March 2014
  • “Kefallinia from above” – Vergoti Cultural Foundation, Kefallinia, August 2014
  • “Crete from above” – Festival “El Greco Fodele 2014”, August 2014
  • “Cyprus from above” – “House of Cyprus” (Embassy of Cyprus), February 2015
  • Presentation of the Album “Flying in Greece”, Theocharakis Foundation, May 2017

In 2017, the publication of the photo album entitled “Flying in Greece” was completed, which includes 62 areas of mainland and islands of Greece, aerial photographs of a unique archive.

The presentation of the album took place on May 19, 2017 at the Theocharakis Foundation under the auspices of Unesco and the sponsorship of AEGEAN.

“Flying in Greece” with the contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has traveled to the Greek embassies in Moscow, Abu Dhabi, Beijing, Tokyo, Melbourne and the consulate in New York.

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and specifically with the “Hellenic Foundation for Culture” the album has participated so far in three international exhibitions abroad, in the “24th Beijing International Book Fair” (23-27 / 8/2017), in the “30th Moscow International Book Fair” (6-10 / 9/2017) and in the “69th Frankfurt International Book Fair” (11-16 / 10/2017).

“Flying in Greece” was published in 2018 in the Ukrainian language on behalf of the Bouboura Foundation.