Chrysostomos Fountis

A few words about

Chrysostomos Fountis

Chrysostomos (Makis) Fountis was born in Athens in 1969 and raised within a highly spiritual family that conveyed to him significant moral values.

He was a person who strove to live life to its fullest never resting on one thing but constantly longing to experience something new. He was exceptionally gifted in sports and had a great love for foreign languages. He completed his tertiary studies at the French Academy in Athens graduating as an interpreter. He, then went to Paris, where he continued his studies in Marketing, while at the same time devoting his spare time in the field of Confectionery, which was his great interest. Returning to Greece, he was employed by well-known international companies and was given a position within the managerial board; gaining the required experience which allowed him to later develop his own companies. However, his love for flying, from the age at 20, was above and beyond everything which he had done, and that, which he set his sights on to pursue as a career. At the age of 28 he proudly stated: «Μy hobby is finally my job».

His artistic talent combined with his persistence to detail, and above all, his love and respect for Greece and its culture, is that which step by step rase him to the high ranks of aerial photography. He provided his services to all archaeological and civil services departments. He worked with numerous tourist resorts, factories and companies, which had set up solar power units, as well as many other well-renowned technical companies and last but not least with anyone who desired to have aerial photos taken. His contribution to advertising, to the promotion of tourism, and to the depiction of the development of significant works was not only worthwhile but also unique.

Chrysostomos Fountis was literally the only professional aerial photographer in Greece. He took great care in order to produce photos, which were perfect in every respect, taking into consideration weather conditions, lighting, the appropriate height, which enabled him to focus on details, while at the same time defying all the possible dangers.

During his last few years, he broadened his horizons working for Cypriot companies. He grew fund of Cyprus which he very often compared to Crete, his place of origin.
His greatest dream and desire was to build up a treasure of artistic photos which capture the individuality of Greece and to convey to the rest of the world the natural beauties and the cultural wealth of his country.

His work was recognized by UNESCO with whom he had a special band as he had been a member of the organization for several years. The selected material which was considered to have archaeological importance was honored by the Ministry of Culture.
All, who had the privilege to have known Makis remember him at an open-hearted, positive, flawless character, full of goodness. His family, for Makis, was second to none and he felt great pride for his two children to whom, in every respect, tried to instill his love for the Cretan tradition and culture.

Makis’ life came to a tragic end on the 18th of August 2013 while on duty in Karditsa. At the age of 44 he performed his final flight.