Message from the Secretary General of the

Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO) to “FLYING IN GREECE”

The late Chrisostomos Fountis continues to promote Greece through his stunning photographs from the album “Flying in Greece”.

Chrisostomos Fountis had an adventurous, never resting, always seeking character. He travelled the skies and wanted to show and share with us a different side of Greece; the country’s beautiful landscapes between earth and sky, past and present, art, history and culture. This album, through the author’s journey around Greece, gives a historic insight to our country’s landscapes. This is why this brilliant work was supported by important institutions such as the Holy Church of Mesogaia and Lavreotiki (Attica), UNESCO and the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. The author’s work has left an extraordinary legacy.

Fountis’ perspective considering the locations, the light and the colours resulted in an immense collection of 700.000 photographs. Little pieces of art that will hopefully be published soon and will offer us the chance to travel along with his photos to heavenly destinations in Greece. This wonderful edition invites us on a journey in time and history. We shall all discover Greece from above with a wider look through the photographer’s eyes and experience. Relax and enjoy this flight to the fullest.

Welcome on board.

The Secretary General of the “Greek National Tourism Organisation”
Konstantinos Tsegas